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American Airlines, Air Berlin expand already-existing codeshare

Air Berlin's recently-added non-stop flights between Tegel Airport (IATA: TXL; ICAO: EDDT) in Berlin, and Kennedy International Airport (IATA: JFK; ICAO: KJFK) in New York, are now part of the codeshare agreement in force between Air Berlin and American Airlines since late last year.  The arrangement allows American Airlines customers in the United States to access the Berlin-New York and Düsseldorf-New York non-stops operated year-round by Air Berlin, on the American Airlines website.  The Berlin-New York round trip operates four times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  The Düsseldorf-New York round trip operates daily between late June and late October.  Both routes are flown with the Airbus A330-200.

High-ranking representatives of both airlines expressed enthusiasm for the newly expanded codeshare.  Air Berlin's Chief Financial Officer Ulf Hüttmeyer, identified the United States as a "growing market" for Air Berlin, and expressed eagerness to "[sign] more codeshares [with American Airlines] in the future."   According to American Airlines, global distribution systems "will display the [codeshare] flights...for travel starting this Friday, June 24."

American Airlines is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance.  Air Berlin is expected to join the alliance in 2012.  Its sponsoring member is British Airways.

Also, this coming Saturday, Air Berlin, along with Berlin Airports and Boeing, will host a ceremony for the German premiere of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  Air Berlin boasts that it will be the first airline based in Germany to receive a shipment of the Boeing 787.  Air Berlin flies a fleet of 147 aircraft, comprised of 74 Airbus models, 63 Boeing models, and 10 Bombardier models.  It was founded in the American state of Oregon in 1978 as Air Berlin USA.  It relocated to Berlin in 1985.  Air Berlin operates a semi-low-cost business model.

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Air Berlin starts flying between Berlin and Dubai non-stop

Air Berlin, the second-largest carrier based in Germany (by passengers carried in 2009), commenced a thrice-weekly Berlin-Dubai non-stop route on Wednesday of last week.  It operates between Tegel Airport (IATA: TXL; ICAO: EDDT) northwest of Berlin, and Dubai International Airport (IATA: DXB; ICAO: OMDB) southeast of the Dubai city center, in the United Arab Emirates.

The Berlin-Dubai flight will operate thrice weekly on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The Sunday eastbound flight is scheduled to leave Berlin at 6:45 in the evening local time, and arrive in Dubai at 3:35 in the morning local time, the next day.  The Wednesday and Friday eastbound flights are scheduled to leave Berlin at 9:25 in the evening local time, and arrive in Dubai at 6:15 in the morning local time, the next day.

The Dubai-Berlin flight will operate thrice weekly on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.  The Monday westbound flight is scheduled to leave Dubai at 5:20 in the morning, local time, and arrive in Berlin at 9:00 in the morning, local time.  The Thursday and Saturday westbound flights are scheduled to leave Dubai at 8:20 in the morning local time, and arrive in Berlin at 11:55 in the morning local time.

Representatives from both Air Berlin and the United Arab Emirates were on hand in Berlin for the inauguration ceremony.  This is the first "regular, year-round, non-stop service to the Middle East" ever operated by Air Berlin, according to the airline's press release on the subject.  Air Berlin CEO Joachim Hunold pointed out during the route's inauguration ceremony that Air Berlin is the only airline to link Berlin and Dubai non-stop.  He said the route will be marketed to both business travelers and leisure travelers, in both cities.

When Tegel Airport is closed no later than spring 2012, this route will be flown using the new Brandenburg International Airport.  Air Berlin posted to its website last week that tickets for the route can be had for as low as 199 EUR (1001 AED, 169 GBP, 273 USD) one-way.

Air Berlin operates a semi-low-fare business model.  It was formed in the American state of Oregon in 1978 as Air Berlin USA, by former employees of Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) and the supplemental carrier Modern Air Transport.  It operates 148 aircraft to 154 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.  Air Berlin relocated to the German city whose name it shares, in 1985.  It has hubs in the German cities of Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Nuremberg, and also on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

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No bomb was found on the Riga-Berlin Air Baltic flight

Yesterday at about 12:30 in the afternoon local time (6:30 a.m. EDT) a Fokker 100 made a somewhat hasty landing at Berlin-Tegel Airport (IATA: TXL; ICAO: EDDT) after its operating airline Air Baltic received a threat that a bomb was aboard the plane.  The flight, Air Baltic 217, was intended for Berlin-Tegel anyway.  But it was moved to the front of the landing queue for safety reasons, and as a result wound up on the ground five minutes early.  The captain taxied to a secure area of the airport and the airplane was searched by a bomb squad.  All 74 passengers and four crew members are safely on the ground in Berlin.

Air Baltic is a low-cost airline, and is the flag carrier of Latvia.  The line was founded in 1995, and is based in Riga, the Latvian capital.  Its hub, at which it possesses a plurality of the market share, is Riga International Airport (IATA: RIX; ICAO: EVRA).  Kennedy International Airport in New York (IATA: JFK; ICAO: KJFK) is the only American airport currently accessible from Riga, non-stop.  Uzbekistan Airways uses Riga International as a stopover point to refuel on its journey from the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, to New York.

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