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Icelandair inaugurates Keflavik-D.C. non-stop route

Tomorrow, Icelandair, the flag carrier airline of Iceland, will commence a four-times weekly seasonal round-trip service between its hub at Keflavik International Airport (IATA: KEF; ICAO: BIKF) and Dulles International Airport (IATA: IAD; ICAO: KIAD) west of Washington, D.C.  The flights are scheduled to depart (in both directions) on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday until September 13, according to results returned by the airline ticket search engine at www.kayak.com/flights.  The same source lists the Boeing 757-200 as the aircraft the route will be operated with.

When the route was announced last October, the airline's General Manager over the Americas, Thorsteinn Egilsson, applauded the decision, and recalled that Icelandair "called [the D.C. area] home for 15 years."  An Icelandic visitor to the aviation message boards at www.airliners.net, writing under the handle "northernlights," explains that in the early 1990s, Icelandair inaugurated a route between Keflavik and Baltimore-Washington International Airport (IATA: BWI; ICAO: KBWI).  The route was established to serve the civilian travel needs of United States Navy servicemen and their families, as they traveled between their bases in Virginia and Maryland, and their facility at Keflavik International, which was operated by NATO, and officially known to American Naval service personnel as the United States Naval Air Station Keflavik (NASKEF).

In September 2006, the United States Navy stopped using the facility, and ownership of NASKEF was turned over to the Icelandic Defense Agency.  Passengers on the Keflavik-Baltimore round trip route had largely been American Naval servicemen and their families.  Demand for the route decreased considerably upon the closure of NASKEF, and the route was dropped by Icelandair.

Icelandair flies year-round between Keflavik and the North American destinations of New York and Seattle.  It flies seasonally between Keflavik and the North American destinations of Minneapolis, Orlando, Toronto, and Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada).

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Aeroflot flight diverts and kicks drunks off plane

An Aeroflot Russian Airlines cabin crew ran out of patience with two intoxicated air travelers last Saturday, on a flight from Russia to Cuba.  Over the North Atlantic, the two got unruly to the point that the captain of the Airbus A330-200 decided to divert to Keflavik International Airport in Iceland (IATA: KEF; ICAO: BIKF) and turn the offenders over the Icelandic police.

The flight had taken off from Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow (IATA: SVO; ICAO: UUEE), and landed at Jose Martí International Airport near Havana, Cuba (IATA: HAV; ICAO: MUHA) two and half hours late.

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