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Scandinavian Airlines orders 30 of the Airbus A320neo

The Toulouse, France-based Airbus has sold 30 of its new A320neo model aircraft to Solna, Sweden-based Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).  These are scheduled for delivery to SAS during the second half of 2016.  SAS also has the option to order 11 more, for delivery during 2019.

Airbus explained in its press release on the SAS purchase, that "[the] A320neo incorporates more efficient engines...which will deliver up to 15 percent in fuel savings."  SAS also estimates that when the A320neo fully replaces the current fleet of A320s (of which SAS flies 12), its carbon emissions per available seat-kilometer will be reduced by 15 percent.

SAS noted that the value of this order is something in the neighborhood of 18 billion SEK (1.96 billion EUR, 2.83 billion USD, 2.67 billion AUD, 3.68 billion NZD, 226.96 billion JPY)

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AA management and pilots debate refueling issues

Management at American Airlines are seeking to require the airline's pilots to fill out additional paperwork, justifying in detail any future request for additional fuel during the scheduled refueling of an aircraft prior to takeoff.  Some pilots at the airline believe this amounts to intimidation, and that because they (the pilots) are ultimately responsible for the safe operation of the aircraft, there should never be any hesitation from decision makers, following a pilot's request for more fuel.

American Airlines management countered that "there's no truth" to the rumor that a pilot with the Dallas, Texas-based carrier will be reprimanded simply for asking for more fuel to operate a certain flight.  The airline claimed that the additional paperwork simply allows the airline to make better-informed decisions about how much fuel to allocate (by default) to each flight, based on factors such as distance, load factor, wind direction, air temperature, and other weather-related factors.

American Airlines was formed in New York in 1930, when dozens of small airlines merged to form American Airways.  American Airlines relocated from New York, New York, to Dallas, Texas, in 1979.  Its largest hub is at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (IATA: DFW; ICAO: KDFW).  American Airlines recently received authorization from the Department of Transportation (DOT) to enter into a three-way, trans-Atlantic focused partnership with the flag carrier of Spain, Iberia Airlines; and also with the United Kingdom's highest-profile airline, British Airways.

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